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Value Proposition - 10 Reasons to Choose Collora LLP

  1. Results: We have a proven track record of producing the best possible outcomes for clients both in the courtroom and outside of the courtroom. Click on Our Spotlight Cases and our lists of “Results” in each of our Practice Areas to see examples of what our attorneys have accomplished.     
  2. Reputation: We have a reputation for credibility and legal acumen among judges, prosecutors, and clients that reflects well upon referral sources. Our names have appeared as counsel of record in many of the landmark cases of the last 20 years in Boston.
  3. Partnership: We have a record of partnering effectively with international, national and regional firms when necessary on large and complex matters.
  4. Relationships:Collora lawyers, many of whom are former state or federal prosecutors, are well-known and well-regarded by government lawyers, agencies, judges and other people involved in the administration of justice. Many of the firm’s lawyers have worked on projects to improve the administration of justice or the quality of the bench and bar.
  5. Singular Focus: We chose not to be a “full-service” firm because we have a particular passion for representing clients who need advocates to prosecute their rights, or to defend their freedoms or their business enterprises. As advocates, we rally around our clients and fellow lawyers. When one of us goes to trial for a client, we feel that all of us are on trial, and that is the way we like it.
  6. Battle Readiness: While we strive to achieve our client’s objectives without necessity of trial or negative publicity, we do not shy away from legal battle when a client wants a courtroom verdict or vindication. We are trial lawyers, we get to court often, and we like to try cases when clients want or need their day in court.  
  7. Practical Nature: Our lawyers are trained to focus on the client’s perspective. We know how criminal convictions or pleas, as well as civil verdicts or settlements, and their consequent publicity can affect your business, your professional licenses and your reputation. So we work for practical outcomes rather than Pyrrhic legal victories.
  8. Prevention: Our lawyers are skilled at preventing or quickly eliminating prosecutions and lawsuits. We also train clients in liability prevention through best practices.
  9. Legal Acumen: We know the boundaries of privilege and other legal protections for witnesses and parties, and we know how to successfully use those shields.
  10. Criminal and Civil Experience: We understand how the government can utilize civil case testimony in criminal proceedings, and how bad outcomes in criminal matters can produce horrid results in subsequent civil actions. We know the threat from parallel proceedings and we can deal with it in a way that criminal or civil specialists cannot.

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