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Technology & Knowledge Management

At Collora LLP, we recognize the relationship between technology and productivity, so we are constantly striving to learn new ways of serving our clients more efficiently.

We also understand that being facile with different kinds of technologies is important, and that is why we have teamed up with a variety of technology vendors recommended by clients on a “case by case” basis. We know that kind of flexibility is important to clients, and we know we can learn from working with different technology products.

Among the many ways in which we use technology to produce results and to produce them more efficiently, are the following: 

  1. Knowledge Management. We maintain electronic archives of legal materials and histories of matters previously handled so that our attorneys can quickly access information from the repositories of knowledge, both human and documentary, residing within our own walls. This allows our lawyers to produce pleadings, agreements, legal research and other necessities of trial practice more efficiently.
  2. Legal Research. Our attorneys are well-versed in the use of automated research, and we subscribe to a number of electronic services that allow for rapid retrieval of case precedents, statutes and regulations that can have a critical effect on a client’s case. We also utilize the electronic systems of the state and federal court to check on filings made in our own cases or in other controversies of possible relevance.
  3. Document management and production. Our attorneys can utilize electronic systems for more efficient document storage, retrieval and printing, which can be important in complex cases that may involve hundreds or thousands of potentially relevant documents.
  4. Website capture functions. In the age of social media, it can be critical to capture information that has been posted electronically but could be subject to alteration or removal from cyberspace. We know how to use electronic tools for capture and preservation of YouTube videos, Website information, Facebook postings, or other items.
  5. Trial presentation programs. We have successfully utilized a number of electronic systems and vendors to facilitate optimal presentation of key information at trial. We are always looking to improve our capability of producing charts, videos, large-screen projections, and other tools for instructing and persuading judges and juries.
  6. Communication Systems. All of our lawyers use Blackberries and other devices in order that they can be reached whenever necessary. We recognize that clients who entrust us with legal matters that affect their business, their reputation or their liberty, want and need complete access to us.
  7. Electronic billing. We have the capability to utilize electronic billing systems as requested by some clients, so that clients can perform automated reviews of our billing, insuring consistency with the terms of engagement and client policies or protocols.
  8. Budgeting programs. We have the capability of producing electronically formatted budgets and spending projections associated with the prosecution or defense of any claim. We can also run multiple projections based on alternate scenarios and multiple variables that might pertain to any given matter.
  9. Extranets and external databases. Our lawyers have utilized client extranets for facilitating communications among numerous key client contacts and legal professionals involved in a major case. We have also used secured external databases to facilitate communications in the joint defense of a case involving multiple defendants.
  10. Electronic discovery. Our lawyers have been trained in the rules of electronic discovery, and they have worked with third party experts who utilize the latest techniques for sorting, capturing, identifying and organizing electronic information stored on hard drives and other devices.

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