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Our Methods

While each of our lawyers is encouraged to be creative and autonomous in developing unique strategies for achieving a client’s objectives, as a group, we are committed to certain base-line methods of achieving results because we believe those methods work.

The basic elements of our methodology for effective trial advocacy are as follows:

  1. We assemble a team as soon as a matter comes in the door. We choose the partners, associates, and paralegals necessary to fit the case after discussions with the client. At least two lawyers and one paralegal are assigned to most cases because that is most effective in our experience.
  2. Clients are introduced to their trial team, including our administrative assistants. The assistants are encouraged to forge relationships with clients so the client always has access to someone who can help them. The assistants are always able to reach a legal professional on the team at anytime and anywhere.
  3. We typically prepare a case budget, which is broken down by phases for the client. We also revisit this budget frequently as the case progresses, so that the client is not surprised by the bill at the end of a month or matter.
  4. From day one, we prepare a case with the objective of winning at trial and even on appeal if necessary. That kind of preparation is what gives us leverage in negotiations for favorable settlement or even disposal of a case prior to the filing of any formal action.  
  5. We enlist our clients as active members of our trial preparation team because they know the facts, they know the setting of the case, and they often contribute invaluable input to the team. We find this helps to reduce expenses as well because clients often contribute excellent suggestions that make our preparation more efficient.
  6. Pre-trial discovery and document production can turn into careers for some lawyers. We try to get what we need in discovery to win the case, and then get out. We don’t attempt to prolong the process. We recognize that efficiency is critical to you and that you don’t want to spend years waiting for a resolution to the matter you entrusted to us. When necessary and appropriate we will turn over every stone to discover every possible obstacle to victory.
  7. We use the technology that is necessary and right for the case. Not every case requires or even benefits from the use of multiple technologies for trial preparation or presentation. But when a complex case can benefit from utilization of state-of-the-art means for storing, organizing, searching, retrieving and presenting critical information, we know how to do that effectively.
  8. We prepare our clients and our witnesses so that they are not blind-sided in depositions or in court. You will know what to expect and you will know that we are standing by your side whenever you are tested.
  9. We go for the jugular issues - the ones which will determine the outcome of a case. We focus our attacks or defenses on those issues, not only because that is the most efficient method, but because we believe that is how cases are won. We don’t waste time on every legal capillary because we stayed focused on what is critical.
  10. We are believers in jury simulations and mock trials and anything else that helps us to improve our chances of winning at trial or hearing. We work with some of the best jury research consultants in the nation, and we know that jury research is money well spent because it helps us to refine our themes and our presentation at trial.

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