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Budgets and Fees

We understand that forecasting and planning for future legal expenses can be critical to a business or an individual. That is why Collora LLP has long embraced the practice of preparing budgets for particular matters, as needed by clients.

Our lawyers can also discuss with you various strategies and tactics and the possible outcomes associated with each. We know that you seek not only results, but value in the way they are delivered.

That is why we are prepared to forecast expenses associated with different possible approaches to a matter, and to factor in variables that may occur along the way.

It is also part of our mission to provide value in what we do, so we focus not on hourly fees, but the value delivered for what we charge.

We also recognize that some clients want or need legal counsel at more predictable costs. That is why we are willing to discuss with clients reasonable arrangements for fixed fee representation for suitable engagements.

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