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Attorney Training & Development 

Collora LLP emphasizes both formal and informal approaches to attorney training and development, recognizing that better training leads to better efficiency and better results.

Our firm also recognizes that professional development is a perpetual process, so our senior lawyers participate in various training and development exercises as well.

Formal Programs

All of our attorneys benefit from participation in the following training and development programs:

  1. Mock Trials. We periodically perform mock trials with hypothetical fact patterns and volunteer witnesses and juries. We conduct the trials from opening statement through closing arguments, and lawyers at every level participate. Honest and candid critiques are provided by all of our peers within the firm, and we think that helps to fulfill our commitment to constant improvement.
  2. Nuts and Bolts Seminars. Our lawyers conduct internal seminars on various aspects of trial practice and advocacy, and frequently invite guest speakers from other parts of the justice system, such as the Office of the Attorney General, offices of the District Attorneys, or the Federal Defender’s Office. We have also studied business concepts, such as balance sheets and cash flow, under the tutelage of large accounting firms or investment advisory firms. Litigation services vendors, such as private investigators and technology program providers, have addressed our legal professionals as well.
  3. Associate Evaluations. We are committed to providing comprehensive and candid feedback to our associate lawyers. Thus, they receive lengthy, annual evaluations that are intended to help them move forward quickly in their professional development. Partners spend as much as 10 hours preparing and discussing these evaluations before they are given to the associates.
  4. Upward Evaluations. We also have a process for “upward evaluation” of senior lawyers and practice leaders, which helps our leadership group to function better by understanding what is working and what is not.
  5. Pro Bono Externships. Our associates have served for up to six months in various pro bono externships, serving as special assistant district attorneys in various counties in Massachusetts, as well as the Office of the Federal Defender for Massachusetts and public interest and non-profit advocacy groups. Furthermore, all of our lawyers are asked to participate in various Pro Bono programs and Bench and Bar programs, which we believe to be essential components of complete professional development.

Informal Development 

Our associates tell us that they also benefit from many informal approaches to development. Among the approaches that they report as beneficial to them are the following:

  • the open door availability of senior partners for guidance and suggestions;
  • the opportunity to share strategies and practice tips in practice group meetings;
  • counseling on how to prepare a case for appellate success from day one;
  • our cultural emphasis and training on how to find practical solutions that will dispose of a case quickly and effectively;
  • getting to court frequently because of the diverse needs of a diverse clientele, and the firm’s willingness to go to trial when the client wants a day in court; and
  • the tone of mutual support that is set within a committed trial advocacy institution, which leads to natural interest in the cases of your team-mates and a passion to help each other’s clients to win. 

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