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The ACC Value Challenge

Collora LLP is fundamentally committed to serving its clients, and accepts the premise of the Association of Corporate Counsel (the “ACC”) Value Challenge - that law firms and in-house departments can greatly improve the value of the legal services we deliver by working together toward better efficiency, productivity and results.

That is why we welcome discussions with our clients concerning the issues raised in the ACC Value Challenge, including:

  1. How we can enhance trust and improve our relationship.
  2. How we can enhance our understanding of the client by working together on more matters more productively.
  3. How we can best train our junior lawyers, price them at reasonable levels, and raise their satisfaction to minimize turnover.
  4. How we can better budget and manage costs and staffing.
  5. How we can better institutionalize the relationship between law firm and client.
  6. How we can evaluate our progress and performance.
  7. How we can create a culture of continuous improvement as a working team.

We know that we are “scored” by our clients every day on every matter we handle, and we are committed to producing results that clients value in their scoring.

That is why our firm has also embraced the following goals with respect to our clients, consistent with those articulated by the ACC:

  1. To learn the client’s business objectives as they apply to our engagements.
  2. To give honest feedback on whether client objectives are realistic and attainable.
  3. To use optimal staffing and to disclose when we don’t have the capabilities required.
  4. To designate a lawyer as the client relationship manager without billing for client relationship time.
  5. To discuss and consider value-based alternative fee structures.
  6. To understand that we are responsible for using our experience and judgment in formulating our budgets and estimates.
  7. To understand that clients seek neither elegance nor perfection unless those traits provide value in the context of a specific matter entrusted to us.
  8. To train associates efficiently and effectively without imposing unwarranted costs on the client.
  9. To look first to our past work products and knowledge management within our walls in order to improve efficiency and productivity.
  10. To use technology to our mutual benefit.
  11. To meet deadlines and keep you informed about the progress of your matters.
  12. To continue our commitments to pro bono and community work and to diversity within our firm.

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