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Government Enforcement Matters

Collora LLP offers to clients the ability to respond swiftly and effectively to government inquiries and enforcement actions. Our firm maintains one of New England’s largest and most recognized practices in the field of government enforcement, housing many well-known former state and federal prosecutors.

In fact, our firm has successfully defended both corporations and individuals in many of the region’s most significant state and federal probes and prosecutions. We have effectively defended clients against a wide array of civil and criminal charges, including often-used charges of financial or wire fraud and more complex, esoteric accusations involving securities, health care or tax matters.

Our clients have often retained our firm prior to any charge when they first learned they were under investigation. This has enabled our attorneys to monitor any pertinent investigations, confront the government’s agents and attorneys, and persuade them to drop all charges or negotiate settlements that keep our clients out of the news while protecting their licenses, permits and reputations. Although such victories have drawn little public attention, we have always valued them among our greatest achievements.

When it has become necessary to vindicate our clients in court, we have often done so under some of the most trying circumstances and against heavy odds. We do not shirk from a challenge but we know how to avoid it if at all possible, and that is why our surveyed clients dubbed us as “wise warriors.”

Because of our acquired acumen in government enforcement, we are also able to provide our clients with effective advice and service for prevention, compliance and internal investigations.

We are also one of few firms well equipped to handle parallel civil and criminal proceedings when they arise because many of our lawyers are cross-trained in business litigation, regulatory proceedings and government enforcement actions. Thus, we understand how an adverse regulatory or criminal action can influence a potential civil action, and vice versa. We are committed not only to producing a good result in the case we are handling for you, but a result that will not create collateral damage to your business by adverse affects on your regulatory status, reputation or licensing.

For more information about the clients and industries we have represented, the legal issues we have faced, and the actual results we have produced in government enforcement matters, click on any of the relevant links below.