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Government Officials: Ethics/Conduct/Campaign Finance

Collora LLP has represented government entities and government officials, as well as commercial companies, in matters involving charges of improper awarding of contracts, breach of campaign finance rules, and other forms of alleged unethical conduct.

Our lawyers have represented clients involved in state and federal probes related to suspected violations of campaign finance rules, honest services fraud statutes, and conflict of interest rules. We have represented clients involved in national cases, including clients affected by an investigation of Democratic National Committee financing.

As in all matters of government enforcement, our firm strives to resolve cases involving government officials quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, before they become public so that our clients’ reputations will not be irrevocably tarnished by an accusation. As a result, some of our proudest achievements are quiet and confidential resolutions of alleged ethical violations that receive no fanfare.

The following shows the kinds of clients we have represented, their industries, the legal issues we have handled and some of the results we have obtained. (For information about our experience with other government enforcement matters, see the links at the bottom of this page.)


Collora LLP has represented a variety of clients in inquiries, investigations and actions related to official misconduct, including but not limited to:

  • Appointed Officials
  • Elected Officials
  • Former Officials (prohibited from engaging in certain activities)
  • Municipalities and Other Government Entities
  • Public Employee Unions
  • Lobbyists and Consultants
  • Business Clients in the Private Sector


We have successfully dealt with a variety of issues associated with allegations of official misconduct, including but not limited to the following:

  • Campaign Finance Rules
  • Conflict of Interest Statutes and Rules
  • Hobbs Act Violations (re: alleged extortion by officials and unions)
  • Honor Services Fraud
  • Illegal Gratuities and Improper Influence
  • Improper Awarding of Contracts
  • Misuse of Public Funds


The following summaries are a representative sampling of results we have produced for our clients in matters involving allegations of official misconduct.

  • Successfully resolved without any criminal referral an inquiry by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance ("OCPF") into whether a regional retirement board had improperly used public funds for supporting ballot question positions.
  • Successfully represented municipality, mayor and city officials in False Claims Act case brought by the federal government alleging misconduct by city officials, obtaining dismissal of case which was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals.
  • In a number of instances, successfully resolved allegations concerning breaches of ethics or conflict of interest rules for clients who were public officials, persuading authorities that no action was merited and insuring no publicity of the allegations.

For more information about our experience with other kinds of government enforcement matters, click on any of the pertinent links below.