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Community Service

At Collora LLP, we strongly encourage our lawyers to take on active roles in the legal community and the greater community in which we live.

It is our belief that lawyers should work toward making the legal profession and the justice system better, not just in their daily duties but in their voluntary service to the bench and bar.

We also believe that attorneys should donate a portion of their legal services to those who are less fortunate, so many of our lawyers do a significant amount of pro bono work as well. Toward that same goal, we have created the Collora Foundation, which is dedicated to assisting those who are unrepresented or under-represented in the legal system

Our lawyers also volunteer to serve their own communities in many ways, helping their local schools, charities, public interest groups, and faith-based organizations.

For more information about our community service work, please call the firm at (617) 371-1000 or click on any of the topic links below: