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Business Litigation

Our lawyers have acted as advocates and defenders for the commercial interests of many individual, institutional and corporate clients from a wide array of industries. Collora LLP has appeared in state and federal courts around the country, as well as international forums, often taking on some of the toughest cases against the most formidable of opponents.

Against this backdrop, we have produced a history of outstanding results, hauling in a good number of multi-million dollar settlements and awards for our clients as business plaintiffs, racking up many complete verdicts on all counts for them as commercial defendants, or settling cases on mutually acceptable conditions when necessary.

We are also one of the few firms well equipped to handle parallel civil and criminal proceedings when they arise because many of our lawyers are cross-trained in business litigation, regulatory proceedings and government enforcement actions. Thus, we understand how an adverse civil outcome can also influence a potential regulatory or criminal action by the government, and vice versa. We are committed not only to producing a good result in your civil action, but a result that will not create collateral damage to your business by adverse affects on your regulatory status, reputation or licensing.

For more information about the clients and industries we have represented, the legal disciplines and issues we have mastered, and the actual results we have produced in business litigation, click on any of the links below.